For New Meditators

If you think you "can't meditate" because your brain is too busy, you can't clear your mind of thoughts, or you are too 'Type A'- leave all of those misconceptions behind. Vedic meditation doesn't require any focus, concentration, or clearing the mind, and you get to sit comfortably!

The Introduction is a one hour lecture and question/answer session designed for anyone interested in learning more about Vedic Meditation - a simple, effortless and highly beneficial practice that absolutely anyone can learn. Topics will include the technique's origins, what science says about the practice, an overview of the mechanics of the practice itself, its benefits - including reduction of stress and an increase in energy, peace of mind and creativity - and how you may sign up for our 4-day Course in Vedic Meditation. 

Vedic meditation is too awesome to be taught in a 1-hour session (the Vedic meditation technique is taught in the 4-day Course in Vedic Meditation)! If you choose to sign up for the 4-day Course, your Intro Talk fee will be applied to your 4-day Course fee. 

Attendance at an Introduction to Vedic Meditation class is a prerequisite for enrollment in the 4-day Course in Vedic Meditation. 

Please click here to sign up for an Intro Class near you! 

Can't make it to an Intro Talk, but still interested in learning Vedic Meditation? No problem! Email Jill at to discuss course details.

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The meditation course itself is offered over four sessions, approximately 90 minutes for each session. At the end of these four sessions you will have learned all of the tools and information you will need to make Vedic Meditation a regular and powerful part of your daily life. Students must attend all four sessions to complete the course, as a sequential amount of knowledge is offered each day.

In the first session you will learn the basic mechanics of how to meditate. By the end of the session you know the fundamentals of the technique and are able to practice on your own at home. You will gain the benefits of meditation immediately.

Over the following three sessions, the technique is checked and refined, and you will gain knowledge of the effects of meditation on your mind and body, and of the development of higher states of consciousness. At the end of the course you will have the combination of practical experience and theoretical understanding that allows you to be self-sufficient in your practice. All students must attend a free Introduction to Vedic Meditation in order to enroll in the 4-day course in Vedic Meditation. To ensure the best learning experience and highest quality instruction, space on each course is limited. 

Courses are currently being held in Atlanta, Minneapolis and Chicago. Don't live in these cities? Contact Jill at to arrange a course where you live.

A lifetime of follow-up
For students of Vedic meditation, expert instruction and learning do not end with the 4-day Course in Vedic Mediation. Your 1-time course fee entitles you a lifetime of follow-up! 10 days after the course ends, each new student has a 45 minute, 1-on-1 session (in person, or by phone/skype) with Jill to check their technique and answer any questions in person. In addition, all students are invited to attend any of Jill's future 4-day Courses (as a 'refresher course'), plus her regular Vedic knowledge meetings and group meditations, at no additional cost. Extra bonus: Jill has talented, inspiring colleagues all over the globe whose refresher courses and meetings you may also attend at no additional cost. 

One of the best ways to be successful and stay consistent in your meditation practice is to attend as many of these refresher courses, group meditations and Vedic knowledge meetings as possible. Jill is based in Atlanta and frequently teaches in Chicago and Minneapolis. To supplement access to Vedic meditation expertise and community when Jill is not in Chicago, here is a list of resources for Vedic meditators in the Chicago area.

Benefits of Vedic Meditation include stress reduction as well as improved concentration, creativity, efficiency and social interactions. If your business has a wellness program, or if you would like to know more about corporate course options, please email  

Private courses for individuals or small groups are also available, please inquire by email to

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For Experienced Vedic Meditators

The Veda is an ancient body of spiritual knowledge that originated in India. Among other important spiritual and scientific practices, the Veda is the source of yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic medicine. In this course, students learn techniques for deepening meditation, for correcting the mistakes of the mind and heart, and for creating a fulfilled life. The course is taught in a group setting, usually over a weekend. To enroll, students must have taken the 4-day course in Vedic Meditation and must be consistently practicing meditation. To learn about the next scheduled Exploring the Veda course or to ask questions, please email

Knowledge meetings will be held on a regular basis in Atlanta and Chicago. These meetings provide a forum for new and experienced meditators to validate their meditation experiences and ask questions about meditation technique. Knowledge meetings will also include a group meditation. Knowledge meetings and group meditations are included in the course fee for the 4-day course in Vedic Meditation. Free of charge for existing students, please email for dates and times.

Advanced techniques are designed to help meditators carry the benefits they receive during meditation even further into their daily lives. Meditators who have been meditating consistently for a year or longer are eligible to receive an advanced technique. If you would like more information about advanced techniques, or to ask questions, please email

Time-lapse Vedic 'Rounding' in Cambutal, Panama.

Learn the practice of Vedic Rounding, plus much more! Retreats provide an opportunity to deepen your meditation practice and meet other meditators while eating delicious, healthy food in a beautiful setting. Check back for updated information about our retreat offerings.

Private Consultations are individual meetings between Jill and anyone consistently practicing Vedic Meditation. Topics for discussion may include meditation technique, problems in your business or personal life, or Vedic philosophy. Private Consultations can take place in person or by phone and are subject to absolute client confidentiality. For inquiries please email

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