Vedic meditation class

At the beginning of the course, each student will be asked to make a financial contribution in exchange for their instruction, an effort on our part to maintain the purity and consistency of the teaching tradition. Because the Course Fee is tiered, we can ensure that everyone, employed, unemployed, or retired, regardless of financial status, has access to the same high-quality meditation instruction. It also ensures that all students approach this course with the same level of personal commitment and value the teaching equally- something of great value is offered in exchange for something of great value. 

The one-time Course Fee contribution entitles you to a lifetime of follow-up and support. Once you complete the course, you may repeat the course as a 'refresher', attend knowledge meetings and group meditations, and have continued phone/email access to the teacher at no additional cost. The one-time Course Fee also entitles you to attend 'refresher' courses, knowledge meetings and group meditations held by Vedic Meditation teachers all over the world.

The Course Fee ranges from $400 to $1400. Children from the ages of 4-10 learn for free, as long as at least one parent (or guardian) receives instruction in Vedic meditation. Payment plans are available. The Course Fee will be explained in full detail at the Introduction to Vedic Meditation class. Special rates may apply, inquiries welcome at

For more information, please contact Jill at View current schedule.