Vedic meditation class

Why is there a price for meditation?

  • The Course Fee ensures that all students approach this course with the same level of personal commitment and value the teaching equally- something of great value is offered in exchange for something of great value. 
  • Because the Course Fee is tiered, we can ensure that everyone, employed, unemployed, regardless of financial status, has access to the same high-quality meditation instruction.
  • Community service with an accredited non-profit organization may be used as your course fee. Please ask Jill for more details.

What is included in my course fee?
The one-time Course Fee entitles you to a lifetime of follow-up and support, including:

  • Expert instruction delivered through our 4-Part Course (4 days/90 minutes per day)
  • One private follow-up session (45 minutes, by phone or in person)
  • Lifetime access to weekly group meditation & meditation knowledge meetings
  • Lifetime access to Jill via email and text
  • Regular meditation support emails, including tips, stories and perspectives on the practice of Conscious Health Meditation
  • Private Facebook Group for practitioners
  • Participate in any future 4-Part Courses for a refresher in technique and practice
  • Lifetime access to refresher courses and group meditations taught by a global network of instructors at no charge
  • Your children ages 4 to 10 qualify to attend a children’s meditation course at no charge

How much does the course cost?

  • The customary fee is $1,200 to $1,400. We offer partial scholarships for full-time students and medical trainees (with current ID).
  • Our goal is to make this knowledge accessible to everyone regardless of financial status. Ask for details on tiered pricing and payment plans.
  • The Course Fee will be explained in full detail at the Introduction to Conscious Health Meditation class. 

For more information, please contact Jill at Special rates may apply.

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