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High stress, type-A people with racing thoughts and busy minds: no problem! All of these people are capable of successfully practicing Vedic meditation. Vedic meditation doesn't require any focus, concentration, or clearing the mind, and you get to sit comfortably. Anyone can practice it!

I specialize in teaching my clients, especially those in healthcare professions, this simple, effortless and practical way to meditate. It helps them stay calm under pressure, manage stress, and be more adaptive and creative. It helps them know their fullest potential of mind and body. It can do the same for you. This is Vedic Meditation.


Meditation in Medicine

How can meditation help healthcare professionals and trainees manage stress and decrease burnout? What programs are available for hospitals and medical offices who want to learn more? 

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Speaking in the Medical Community

Jill is honored to have 3 workshops accepted at the Society for General Internal Medicine's national meeting in Washington, DC in April 2017. In addition, she will be facilitating the 'Meditation in Medicine' interest group at the conference.

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Read about Jill's insights as she balances her experience as a medical doctor with her work as a meditation teacher, plus learn about how Vedic knowledge and philosophy apply to relationships, health and stress management.

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