For New Meditators

If you think you "can't meditate" because your brain is too busy, you can't clear your mind of thoughts, or you are too 'Type A'- leave all of those misconceptions behind. Conscious Health Meditation doesn't require any focus, concentration, or clearing the mind, and you get to sit comfortably!

The First Step to Conscious Health Meditation Mastery is a 1:1 meditation consultation! 
This 30-45 minute call provides:

  • An overview of the mechanics of the Conscious Health Meditation practice
  • How Conscious Health Meditation instruction can help with your specific goals
  • How Conscious Health Meditation (also known as Vedic meditation) is different from typical meditation practices
  • The science behind Conscious Health Meditation
  • How Conscious Health Meditation dissolves stress and increases energy, joy and creativity
  • A chance to ask questions about the technique, its benefits, and the 4-Part Course 
  • How you may sign up for our 4-Part Course in Conscious Health Meditation

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This is a four-part course taught over four consecutive days (90-minute sessions).

Part 1:     Opening ceremony & Conscious Health Meditation mechanics

Part 2:     Fundamental technique and integration of meditation practice into current lifestyle

Part 3:     Using the technique to dissolve the effects of stress

Part 4:     Understanding states of consciousness and the long-term benefits of Conscious Health Meditation

Prerequisite:  1:1 private meditation consultation with Jill

Course Goals:

  • Understand and use the Conscious Health Meditation technique
  • Understand how meditation affects the mind and body
  • Build confidence through personal use of the Conscious Health Meditation technique
  • Recognize health benefits that come from regular meditation practice
  • Develop your personalized practice plan

The Conscious Health Meditation Program Includes:

  • Expert instruction delivered through our 4-Part Course (4 days/90 minutes per day)
  • One private follow-up session (45 minutes, by phone or in person)
  • Lifetime access to weekly group meditation & knowledge meetings (view schedule here) 
  • Lifetime access to Jill via email and text
  • Regular meditation support emails, including tips, stories and perspectives on the practice of Conscious Health Meditation
  • Private Facebook Group for practitioners
  • Participate in any future 4-Part Courses for a refresher in technique and practice
  • Lifetime access to refresher courses and group meditations taught by a global network of instructors at no charge
  • Your children ages 4 to 10 qualify to attend a children’s meditation course at no charge

Is it ok if I skip a day?
No. Students must attend all four sessions to complete the course, as a sequential amount of knowledge is offered each day.

Will I be a self-sufficient meditator by the end of the course?
Yes! At the end of these four sessions you will have learned all of the tools and information you will need to make Conscious Health Meditation a regular and powerful part of your daily life. 

How can I prepare in advance?
All students must attend a 1:1 meditation consultation with Jill (in person or by phone/skype) in order to enroll in the 4-Part course in Meditation. To ensure the best learning experience and highest quality instruction, space on each course is limited. 

Where does Jill teach Conscious Health Meditation?
Courses are currently being held in Atlanta, Minneapolis and Chicago. Don't live in these cities? Contact Jill to arrange a course where you live.


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Benefits of Conscious Health Meditation include stress reduction as well as improved concentration, creativity, efficiency and social interactions. If your business has a wellness program, or if you would like to know more about corporate course options, please email  

Private courses for individuals or small groups are also available, please inquire by email to

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For Experienced Conscious Health Meditators


  • Held several times per month in Atlanta.
  • Provide a forum for new and experienced meditators to validate their meditation experiences and ask questions about meditation technique.
  • Are included in the course fee for the 4-Part course in Meditation. 
  • View schedule here


  • Help meditators bring the benefits of meditation into their daily lives even more efficiently. 
  • Meditators who have been meditating consistently for a year or longer are eligible to receive an advanced technique.
  • If you would like more information about advanced techniques, or to ask questions, please email
Time-lapse Vedic 'Rounding' in Cambutal, Panama.

Learn the practice of Vedic Rounding, plus much more! Retreats provide an opportunity to deepen your meditation practice and meet other meditators while eating delicious, healthy food in a beautiful setting. Check back for updated information about our retreat offerings.


  • Private Consultations are individual meetings between Jill and anyone consistently practicing Conscious Health Meditation.
  • Topics for discussion may include meditation technique, problems in your business or personal life, or Vedic philosophy. 
  • Private Consultations can take place in person or by phone and are subject to absolute client confidentiality. 
  • For inquiries please email

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