Looking for an online meditation experience?

The REST Technique: Simple, Effective Meditation for the Busy Mind’, is a powerful, comprehensive,
online meditation course created by Jill specifically for people with busy minds like you!


Not quite ready to commit to a full-on LIVE or ONLINE meditation course?

Interested in meditation but not sure where or how to get started?

Want to know more about why you react the way you do in stressful moments?

Looking for a few short and easy ways to manage your stress? 


Look no further! Combining her medical and meditation background, Dr Jill Wener has presented on the science of stress for medical and non-medical audiences across the country. She has created an informative, practical, and FUN webinar, so that you, too, can access her unique expertise and knowledge.

No need to fly across the country to a medical conference: you can have access to this stress-reducing webinar for just $95! 

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