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Exploring the Vedas Advanced Knowledge Course (Part 1)- Minneapolis

Vedic meditators experience first-hand how this powerful technique removes stresses from the physiology and allows us to live a happy, fulfilled, creative life. If we couple Vedic meditation with Vedic knowledge, we amplify the benefits we receive from either one. The most popular advanced course in Vedic knowledge is the Exploring the Vedas series. These courses are offered as an 'in-town' retreat. The course fee is $600 and includes delicious vegetarian lunches and snacks. The course begins at 12pm on Friday, December 9, and ends at 2pm on Sunday, December 11. Participants sleep at home during this in-town retreat. This course is limited to students who have already completed the 4-day Course in Vedic Meditation and are practicing meditation regularly. 

If you would like to register for this retreat, or if you have questions, please email