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Hi! I'm Dr. Jill Wener. After 10+ years practicing Internal Medicine, I know first-hand what severe stress and burnout feel like. That all changed once I learned Vedic meditation. Now, after 6 amazing years of growth as a meditator, I get to share this effortless, transformational practice with you- as a Conscious Health Meditation teacher and stress reduction expert. (You can read more about my journey on my bio page)

I specialize in teaching my clients, especially healthcare professionals and people with stress-related health issues, this simple, effortless and practical way to meditate.  Stay calm under pressure, manage stress, improve your health, and be more adaptive and creative. 


Join us at our next weekend wellness workshop on SUNDAY, MARCH 3 from 1-2:30p! Space is limited, please register in advance. 

Join us at our next weekend wellness workshop on SUNDAY, MARCH 3 from 1-2:30p! Space is limited, please register in advance. 


If you watched this video, you've seen how ADAPTATION ENERGY affects how we respond to stressful situations. Now what?? Sign up for our free video to learn how you can maximize your ADAPTATION ENERGY through Conscious Health Meditation!

I believe in providing a harassment- and discrimination-free environment for students
to learn meditation and better their physical and emotional well-being.


The practice of meditation has personally brought me tremendous peace, connection, compassion and joy.
It has always been my ‘safe space’.
My mission is to provide that same experience to my students.


Experience the fullest potential of mind and body with one of my Conscious Health Meditation-based programs


Conscious Health ALLY

Have stress-related health problems? Conscious Health Ally combines modern medicine with holistic wellness techniques to help address stress-related symptoms and illness head-on. Watch a video about Conscious Health Ally here, then create a customized path to meeting your stress-reduction and health goals. 
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Providing tools for healthcare professionals to manage near-constant levels of stress, limit reactivity in high-stakes situations, maximize compassion and empathy, and stay in the moment during a hectic day of patient care. 
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Learn to integrate this effortless meditation practice into your busy lifestyle. Conscious Health Meditation (also called Vedic meditation) doesn't require any focus, concentration, or clearing the mind. Added bonus: you get to sit comfortably! Courses currently available in Atlanta, Chicago and Minneapolis.
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"Haven't missed a single meditation! And I am beginning to see how it is making a difference. I've picked up this honey bottle a million times and never noticed the illustration on it... today I did. I heard, and I mean really heard a Beatles song this morning while getting ready for work... This. Is. Freakin. Awesome!"
-E.H., Atlanta
"An amazing experience. Most surprising was how easy it was to do! Meditation used to feel forced and uncomfortable. Now I just start and my mind and body just take over, like it knows what to do. Incredibly grateful for Jill introducing and guiding me through this life changing meditation practice." -E.M., Chicago
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Conscious Health Meditation can be practiced anywhere, as long as there's back support! Check out this time-lapse video of a 20 minute meditation... Any guesses why this meditator's head keeps dropping?



CONSCIOUS HEALTH MEDITATION + WELLNESS Our studio, Conscious Health Meditation + Wellness, is now open in the Kirkwood neighborhood of Atlanta! Check out our schedule for upcoming Intro to Conscious Health Meditation classes, our 4-Part Conscious Health Meditation courses, and monthly wellness workshops. Follow the studio on Facebook!



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Watch Jill's presentation at the Theosophical Society on the philosophy and knowledge behind the practice of Conscious Health (Vedic) Meditation.



Jill discusses the practice and benefits of Conscious Health (Vedic) Meditation in this podcast from


Your path to a fulfilled, creative, happy and stress-free life begins here! Register for an 'intro talk' and learn more about the technique and benefits of Conscious Health Meditation, details about our 4-Part Course in Conscious Health Meditation, and how you can learn this effortless practice.


Jill presented three workshops and facilitated the 'Meditation in Medicine' interest group at the Society for General Internal Medicine's national meeting in Washington, DC in April 2017.  She will be teaching her Conscious Health Meditation course at the Balance Conference for Women Physicians in Breckenridge, CO, in August 2017. 


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