Fear vs Intuition: How Can You Tell?

Intuition moves you towards the creative. fear moves you away. (1).png

Have you ever wondered why our FEAR voice (also called the inner critic, or ego) gets SO loud whenever we try to make a change in our lives? Have you ever gotten so inspired by something, only to be immediately flooded with your own negative thoughts and critiques about your idea, to the point that you just give up? 

As I've already mentioned, my medical school colleague Marjorie Stiegler and I have created the TransforMD Conference for Women Physicians next January. We are SO excited for our groundbreaking program, which INCLUDES meditation instruction. This video, my first video blog (!), explains why meditation is so important for ANYONE, including our conference attendees, looking to make big changes in their lives. I'll tell you why the inner critic gets SO loud, why it's so hard for most people to tune it out, and what you can do to PUMP UP THE VOLUME on your intuition.

Learn how meditation helps you tap into the right side of the brain, giving you more access to intuition and inspiration.

I want to give huge credit and thanks to my colleague Emily Fletcher, who teaches meditation in NYC, for the information and INSPIRATION for this video. She has an uncanny way of making it all make sense. 

Who's excited about activating the right brain? I know I am! I hope you find yourself better able to turn UP the volume of your intuition, and DOWN the volume of the inner critic. If you'd like to know more about the meditation technique that has helped me and hundreds of my students activate OUR right brains, please click below to set up a free 1:1 Meditation Consultation!