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Resistance is Futile

One year ago, I had just opened a meditation studio in the commercial district of my neighborhood in Atlanta. I was living in my teeny sub-500ft ‘career transition’ apartment, and I needed a space to work with clients and teach my meditation course. I was so excited to finally have a place of my own to teach, host workshops, and hold weekly group meditations. I re-signed a lease at my teeny apartment, which was in an ideal location and also fit my budget, given the expenses of the commercial space.

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Our society is obsessed with drama. We’re drama junkies. Even (especially) those of us who proclaim that we hate drama and want nothing to do with it. We see it all the time- friends who always date the wrong kind of person, gossipy co-workers, people who party too much and regret choices they’ve made. We see it in the news, in tabloids, in the entertainment industry. We see it everywhere but within ourselves.

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