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Instead of getting mad…

When I left for India, it was October. It was still dark in the morning. The Cubs hadn’t won a World Series since 1908, and early voting had just begun. I’m back home in Atlanta now, and all of a sudden the holidays are upon us. Holidays can be tough- time with family, stress about money, cold weather, loneliness, the list can be endless… and of course now the election results. 

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It’s not always easy.

A lot of people I talk to these days, whether it’s friends I’m catching up with after a long time, or someone I’m just meeting, tell me how brave they think I am for making such a big career/life change. While it is flattering, and I am so appreciative, the truth is that it wasn’t a huge decision. It was a lot of little decisions. 

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Leap! And don't look back.

5 years ago, I was a burned-out, stressed doctor. I felt totally powerless against the burnout. Enter Vedic meditation. I attended a free introductory class that my (soon to be) teacher held in Chicago one Sunday night. I sat there for an hour, completely mesmerized yet somehow waiting for there to be a hole in his argument that would allow me to leave without signing up for the course. 

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