Leap! And don't look back.

5 years ago, I was a burned-out, stressed doctor. I felt totally powerless against the burnout. Enter Vedic meditation. I attended a free introductory class that my (soon to be) teacher held in Chicago one Sunday night. I sat there for an hour, completely mesmerized yet somehow waiting for there to be a hole in his argument that would allow me to leave without signing up for the course. Everything he said not only made sense medically/scientifically, but he was describing stress and its effects on daily life in a way that felt like he knew me, and what I was going through, perfectly. I took a leap.

Here are 5 reasons I will never look back:

1.     The world is full of serendipity, and I had been missing it. Start meditating, and everything starts to seem connected.

2.     At my end-of-rotation feedback sessions, my medical students and residents started to thank me (ME!) for being ‘laid back’ and ‘zen’. Trust me- this was huge.

3.     Everything sparkles a little bit more when you meditate consistently. People are more interesting. Nature dazzles me.

4.     I don’t get angry in traffic anymore. Or in the airport.

5.     Fear is my guide. If I’m kinda scared to do it, that means I should definitely do it. Living on the leading edge of what scares you is exciting, rewarding, and ends up being safer than standing still.

What leap will you take today? How many ways will your life change because of it? Sign up for our *free* online webinar August 17 and learn about the top 6 ways to make changes in your life. 

Come learn more about Vedic meditation. Ask questions at one of the free info sessions that I hold before each of my 4-day Courses in Vedic Meditation. I'm teaching in Atlanta on August 13, Minneapolis August 20, and Chicago August 27. Another lovely option is to learn to meditate in a relaxing setting at our meditation retreat in Michigan City, IN (near Chicago and Detroit) from October 13-16.