6 reasons you don’t have to change your belief system (or have to have a belief system at all) to be a Vedic meditator

1.     Vedic meditation works whether or not you are religious, or an atheist, or anything in between. It also works if you are tall or short, young or old, an athlete or a couch potato, gay or straight, democrat or republican. Sit comfortably for 20 minutes, twice a day, enjoy your meditations, and reap the short and long term benefits.

2.     We use a mantra to de-excite our minds in our meditation practice. The mantra is a Sanskrit word that has NO intended meaning. It is a sound of nature- an onomatopoeia (like ‘crunch’ or ‘crash’)- that works based on its sound quality. The mantra has no religious or other significance. In fact, it works best if it has absolutely no other associations that go along with it. Just the sound.

3.     Stress doesn’t discriminate based on gender, age, religion, sexual or gender identification, or political party. Stress is stress, and Vedic meditation is unique in that it doesn’t just ‘cover up’ our stress. It actually purifies our bodies of a lifetime of stress buildup.


4.   Vedic meditation un-clutters our minds and bodies from the effects of a lifetime of stress, thus freeing energy to connect fully to our lives in the present moment. If you are religious, that energy can enhance your connection to your faith. If you are an atheist, you benefit from your present-moment awareness in additional ways- through the beauty of nature, or through your interactions with friends, family and colleagues.  

5.     At the smallest level of matter that is currently known, we are actually just waveforms. Energy. When we transcend thoughts in meditation, we are actually de-exciting our wave forms, much like a wave becomes part of the ocean again. Meditation isn’t magic, or religion- it’s science!

6.     By ridding the body of stress and its negative effects, Vedic meditation unleashes the potential that has always been a part of you, and allows your creativity, energy and fulfillment to shine. You will become the best version of YOU. Not someone else. 

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