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Resistance is Futile

One year ago, I had just opened a meditation studio in the commercial district of my neighborhood in Atlanta. I was living in my teeny sub-500ft ‘career transition’ apartment, and I needed a space to work with clients and teach my meditation course. I was so excited to finally have a place of my own to teach, host workshops, and hold weekly group meditations. I re-signed a lease at my teeny apartment, which was in an ideal location and also fit my budget, given the expenses of the commercial space.

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Meditation For High Performance: Not Just For Stress

As a meditation teacher, I meet people every day who have pre-conceived notions about meditation. People assume that we have to sit in an uncomfortable position with our backs straight and legs crossed, that we have to clear our minds of thoughts, and maybe even that we need to be hippies with flowing hair, meditating in a grassy field with birds chirping and rainbows. Most people realize that meditation can help with stress management, and maybe even with anxiety and insomnia. But did you realize that meditation is also used as a high-performance tool?

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The Culture of Busy-ness

How many times have you told yourself, ‘I’d love to be able to _____, but I just don’t have enough time’? How many hours have you spent bemoaning the fact that we don’t have enough time to do ______, instead of just DOING it?!

Our motto for the type of meditation I teach is "Do less, accomplish more; Do least, accomplish most; Do nothing, accomplish everything". This is exactly what we want for meditation. Zero effort. Yes, it does sometimes apply to the outside world, but our technique is meant for householders, not monks....

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There is no quick fix

Last month I spoke at a conference about burnout in medicine. The idea is, if the doctors are less burned out, they will be better doctors, and then the patients will be more satisfied with the care they receive. And everyone will be happier. Win-win-win.

I had coffee with my former boss, who is a visionary leader, before I gave my talk. He asked me what I thought we should do about burnout. I suggested a Vedic meditation program for a group of physicians at the hospital, and he replied along the lines of, “yes, but then they have to become meditators. How else can we fix burnout?”

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Meditate-Anon (Part 2)- for the non-meditators!

Vedic meditation (or any physical or spiritual practice), while life-changing for meditators, can sometimes be a drag for the partners (and family members, friends, and colleagues) of meditators. Several weeks ago, I posted part 1 of this series- how Vedic meditators can make it easier for their family members, colleagues and friends, to be supportive of their practice. If you missed it, or want a refresher, you can read it here!

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