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"I recently took Jill's meditation class, and I highly recommend the experience. I've attended other meditation education, and nothing ever "stuck" for me. I found it too frustrating and/or uncomfortable. The Vedic method is easy and accessible to all. Even though I've only been meditating for a week, I've already begun seeing positive influences of the practice. I have more patience with my son (more adaptive energy) and my health has improved." -B.H., Photographer, Atlanta, GA


"Thank you,Jill! I was intimidated about committing to a 4 day program but your flexibility and motivation made it possible. I am beyond grateful to have learned Conscious Health (Vedic) meditation from a passionate and knowledgeable professional. Everyone can benefit from your class and expertise!" -J.T., Nutritionist, Atlanta, GA


"I'm currently taking Jill's class in Atlanta and it is fantastic!  She is a great teacher and keeps the class engaged with her knowledge of the subject matter, both from her medical background and her training in Conscious Health (vedic) Meditation.  This method of meditation really works.  I am already feeling the stress start to leave and more focus and clarity showing up in its place.  I can hardly wait for my next meditation."   -L.B., Web Developer and Marketing expert, Atlanta, GA


"Jill is an awesome teacher! I have only been meditating for a week but it is definitely in my daily routine." S.R., Atlanta, GA


"I took Jill's workshop last August in Minneapolis, and I can't recommend it enough. She is an amazing and inspiring teacher and very generous with her time and knowledge. Her passion, intelligence, and humor are contagious. I love how easy Conscious Health (Vedic) Meditation is and how seamlessly I have been able to integrate it into my life. I have audited her workshop (for free!) since then and I learned even more the second time. I like how down to earth and no-nonsense she is about meditation and I really appreciated her explanation of how stress affects our physiology and how meditation is scientifically proven to make a dramatic difference on a cellular level. I love meditating and I look forward to continuing to study more advanced work with her in the future."  -M.C., Pilates Instructor, Minneapolis, MN


"I wanted to tell you that I’m very thankful to have found you and your meditation practices. It’s only been 2 weeks, but I’m proud to report that I have yet to miss one. A few things I’ve learned/felt in the past 2 wks: 1. I always look forward to the next one because I feel SO good for the rest of the day... and I think others have noticed a change because of this. 2. This will sound corny, but I used to feel and notice every move/every step during the day. Up and down, sometimes laborious and painful. But now, I generally feel like I’m hovering through the day and don’t feel the grind at all." -C.N., Pharmacist, Atlanta, GA


"Jill was the perfect meditation teacher for me with my skeptical nature. She struck just the right balance of scientific insights and a sense of an element of mystery or "unknowableness" at the base of meditation – and a sense of humor. The combination inspired skeptical me to trust the process. Jill's analogies and explanations of the role of thoughts in mediation were especially helpful. As a bonus, she has a lovely voice for singing during the short ceremony at the first session. I feel fortunate to have found Jill's website and now having taken the course, to be able to tap her wisdom as my teacher in years ahead."  -S.L., Diplomat, Minneapolis, MN (and Nepal) 

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“Dr. Jill Wener did a phenomenal job of teaching me to how to meditate in an effortless manner.   As a busy physician, meditation has significantly reduced my stress level, and allowed me to become more focused on prioritizing the aspects of my career that I enjoy the most.  Meditation has definitely become one of the highlights of my day and has been a life-changing experience.”
-M.H., Gastroenterologist, Atlanta, GA 


"Learning, and now doing, Conscious Health (Vedic) Meditation has been a meaningful addition to my life so far.  It is surprisingly simple and impactful.  The time spent meditating is rejuvenating, and in my experience it is having a lasting affect on my thought process and approach in my day to day." D.A., Chicago, IL


"Vedic meditation has helped me get better sleep.  Before I started, it was extremely rare for me to get a full night's sleep without taking a sleep aid.  I'd fall asleep just fine, but then wake up at 2 or 3 in the morning and my brain would just start racing - replaying events from the past, thinking about what could have been done differently, or playing out things that were coming up, getting ready for them.  I still wake up pretty frequently, but the "stare at the ceiling for 2 hours with my mind jumping all over the place" has greatly decreased. Vedic doesn't magically make major structural changes to your life.  But based on my experience with sleep, it seems to make stressors easier to cope with." M.E., Software Sales, Minneapolis, MN


"Thank you again for teaching me. I'm excited to be on this journey and that I met you. You are so calm and loving."
L.P., Mortgage Broker, Minneapolis, MN


"I took Jill's course in Chicago in January 2017. Prior to that, I'd been a casual meditator--practicing regularly but with little discipline or structure. Conscious Health (Vedic) meditation was an ideal solution, and Jill does a flawless job of teaching it. She gives her students the help they need (during her four-day course and anytime they need it afterwards!) forming the right habits and strong technique. I'd recommend her course, and Vedic meditation, for anyone looking to manage stress and be more focused and productive in their professional and personal lives."  -J.C., Marketing, Chicago, IL


"An amazing experience. Most surprising was how easy it was to do! Meditation used to feel forced and uncomfortable. Now I just start and my mind and body just take over, like it knows what to do. Incredibly grateful for Jill introducing and guiding me through this life changing meditation practice."  -E.M., Nurse Practitioner, Chicago, IL


"I took Jill's class about 6 months ago, and my appreciation for her and the art of Vedic meditation has only increased as time has gone by. Jill is an inspiring teacher and incredibly passionate about what she does. She is patient, calm, open to any and all questions, and provides amazing followup after the class- touching base with her students multiple times after the course has ended to see how their practice is progressing and always willing to help in any way possible, including impromptu telephone troubleshooting sessions. In addition, once you complete her class, you are always able to meditate with her in another class for free to fine tune your skills- the relationship is that of a lifetime guru. In addition, I really do see the effects of my meditation practice in my day to day life. I'm much less anxious, and don't feel as tired/stressed out all the time. All in all, spending a few days with Jill taking her intro to Conscious Health (Vedic) Meditation course in Chicago was one of the best decisions I've ever made and I highly recommend her and the course." N.D., Physician, Chicago, IL


"Jill taught me to meditate over a year ago and since then I have been to 2 of her refresher courses which are free to existing students (woo hoo!). She is so passionate about meditation and her energy is contagious! She's an excellent teacher and has an easy-going style that makes learning fun. I meditate on the train to and from work and the results have been pretty dramatic. My anxiety and stress levels have decreased so much. I am more patient with my kids and don't get rattled by things going wrong like I used to. I was even told by my boss that I am "very even-keeled." Jill is always available for questions and sends nice emails periodically to check in on me."  -A.N., User Experience Specialist, Chicago, IL


"Several weeks ago I attended one of Jill's Conscious Health Meditation classes in Atlanta. Since then I have practiced meditating at least once a day, more often twice. Though it's sometimes hard to carve out the time, once I sit down I'm so happy!  It is slowly becoming more habitual and is simple to do and so refreshing, relaxing and re-setting, I look forward to the time set aside just for me. I can already feel myself reacting more calmly and with a little more distance to challenging or stressful situations. Jill is a skilled, inspiring teacher whose integrity and passion for Conscious Health (Vedic) Meditation is positively infectious. She is focused, attentive and non-judgmental, but also lots of fun. Now that I have learned the technique, Jill checks in periodically by email to see how the practice is going. She has encouraged me to contact her any time in the future for questions and to come to any Conscious Health Meditation class offered to refresh or reboot my practice."  -L.L., Hospice Coordinator, Atlanta, GA

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"Jill is an excellent teacher of Conscious Health Meditation.  She is clear, relatable and accessible. Her knowledge of meditation, combined with her knowledge of science and all things medical provide a very comprehensive view of how Conscious Health Meditation works and why it is helpful. She teaches the skill of Conscious Health Meditation in a way that all can understand and is very thoughtful and open to questions and comments. She is also available at any time after completion of the  class, and encourages questions as well as invites past students back for refresher classes for free when she is in the area. She checks in to see how the practice is going for each individual students and also has a Facebook group as  a forum to share.  I teach other types of meditation and absolutely recommend Jill and her class to anyone as in invitation to be present to life, to tap into calm and de-stressing!"  -J.C., Meditation Teacher, Deerfield, IL


"Jill, Your passion for practical meditation was evident. The informal but thorough teaching approach worked well for me." -B.A., Business Executive, Chicago, IL



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