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How Meditation Helped Me Come Off Of Sleep Medications (Guest Blog by Sarah Kleiner)

I’ve experienced insomnia for much of my life, and can recall having difficulty sleeping for as far back as I can remember.  My mother will be the first to tell you that I was always the child that had a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep – even as a baby.

When I was 18, my father passed away and I experienced life changing depression and insomnia, unable to function in school or daily life.

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How Menstrual Cramps Taught Me About the Mind/Body Connection

One of my missions in life, particularly in this post-medicine meditation stage of my career, is to help people understand the power of the mind-body connection. Too often in my medical career, both patients and docs interpreted ‘your symptoms are stress related’ as ‘you are a wack-job and a faker’. Here’s a personal story that I love sharing with my clients to illustrate just how much control we have over our bodies, and just how attached (consciously or subconsiously) we can become to our symptoms.

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Pain vs. Suffering

Pain vs suffering. What’s the difference? Pain is inevitable. Pain can even be helpful. Our nerves provide sensations, so that we may avoid injury. Suffering occurs when we give our pain a personality, a cause and effect, a narrative. If pain is the physical sensation we feel, suffering is the story we tell ourselves about that pain (and what the pain says about us).

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Because... John Clease

I’ve always been one of those people who beats themselves up about every little cringe-worthy thing I have said, or done. I’d cringe for years. One example that comes to mind is that, at the age of 12, I told a friend’s dad he looked like the actor John Clease (I had been watching a VHS recording of ‘A Fish Called Wanda’ nonstop). I could tell he wasn’t at all pleased by the comparison, and I felt foolish and ashamed of my comment for decades.

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